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  1. Law Firm Sues its Former Lawyers, Will the Tort Claims Survive?

    Unfair business practices claims, such as breach of fiduciary duty, business conspiracies and tortious interference, have not usually been asserted by law firms against their prior attorneys or the law firms where their prior attorneys subsequently go to work. Among …

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  2. First Step of a Commercial Lease: Letter of Intent

    Commercial leases are an interesting and complex vein of the real estate industry.  As opposed to residential real estate, just about every aspect of a commercial lease is subject to negotiation.  As a result, the process of negotiating and executing …

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  3. Confused Roles Can Lead to Legal Liability in Joint Efforts

    When two companies combine their efforts to accomplish a task, there can be confusion purposefully or incidentally created, as to which employees are acting on behalf of which company.  And that confusion can lead to legal problems.

    When companies enter …

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  4. Supreme Court Limits Employer Liability for Supervisor Actions

    Since 1998, it has been held that an employer is liable for workplace harassment by an employee who is a supervisor.  However, the question that remained unclear until now was who exactly qualifies as a “supervisor?”

    In a recent decision, …

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