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But what does “Protorae” mean? We have been asked this question many times by our friends, clients and—when we were forming the firm—spouses. We are also often asked: how do you pronounce Protorae? Written phonically it is Prō-tōrˊ-ā. An easier way to remember it is “tor” rhymes with door, and the “a” is pronounced as in “say.”

Protorae means strength through relationships. We devised the word to help brand our firm’s culture of teamwork and relationships. The name itself evolved with the help of a linguist friend.

For the more curious, “pro” means in latin “on behalf of.” “Ae” is latin for “as a result of” or “because of.” Together, these bookend the Celtic word “tor” that means “weathered rock.”

Thus, in understanding strength through relationships, “tor” or weathered rock provides the strength; “pro” signifies the relationship of lawyers advancing interests on behalf of their clients; and “ae” confirms that the strength is the result of the lawyer-client relationship.