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Protorae Law offers services to individuals in untangling their personal and business interests from spouses and former spouses as well as helping them maintain their rights relating to their children. We have a firm understanding that family law issues are extremely stressful, complex and individualized to every family. These issues can become even more complex when one or both spouses own a business or own a business together. Protorae Law’s divorce-related work often involves family law, business law, and trusts and estates.

Protorae Law’s services include assisting clients through all stages of the process, such as:

  • Pre-Separation consultation about the potential complexities of separation and divorce;
  • Planning the initial steps of a divorce from a financial, living and child custody/support perspective;
  • Negotiating temporary issues relating to a separation;
  • Negotiating divorce terms, including financial and child-related issues;
  • Custody and visitation rights, including the rights of extended family members;
  • Attending court, as needed, to protect parental, business and financial rights
  • Post-Divorce enforcement and modification.

Because many families own a business, Protorae Law’s deep business law experience is frequently utilized to provide advice on achieving comprehensive solutions. Some of the more complicated areas in which Protorae Law has experience includes:

  • Maritally co-owned businesses;
  • Businesses owned by one spouse;
  • Government contracting companies owned 51% by one spouse and 49% by the other.