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Trademark Portfolios. A trademark generally protects a brand. It includes any word, name, symbol, or design that identifies a source of goods or services as belonging to a specific seller. It is vitally important that trademarks be both federally registrable and legally protectable. Achieving those goals requires careful management. Protorae Law’s Intellectual Property and Technology Law attorneys have experience reviewing extensive trademark portfolios and developing strategies, processes, and tools for identifying and protecting these valuable business assets.

By taking a global, strategic view of a client’s trademark portfolio, we can often increase total asset value, as well as anticipate and avoid legal issues before they divert significant resources from a client’s core business needs. For example, we regularly conduct strategic reviews of worldwide trademark portfolios. These reviews allow us to assess the portfolio’s alignment with a client’s most current business objectives, and to recommend steps to “right-size” and manage trademark assets more effectively.

Our trademark philosophy is backed up by years of experience. We come from large, national law firms where we delivered imaginative legal solutions to companies of all sizes across the globe. Our attorneys also had careers as brand consultants and in-house counsel for large product-oriented companies and fashion companies where we cleared new brands and managed worldwide trademark portfolios, including domestic and foreign opposition and cancellation proceedings.

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