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Patent Strategies. Patent laws protect inventions and discoveries. To obtain a patent, an application must be drafted, filed, and then prosecuted. Protorae Law’s Intellectual Property and Technology Law attorneys have many years of experience prosecuting patents in several different technology areas, including computer software, electrical engineering, machine learning, Internet applications, biomedical technology, and mechanical engineering. We provide full service patent support, from invention assessment to prosecution to issuance, including strategic patent portfolio management, and if necessary, litigating appeals before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board.

Because we are also seasoned litigators, we approach patenting with an eye toward identifying strategies that a litigator might employ to attack a patent in the future. When we write a patent application, this means we include as much detail as possible in the written description portion. We define terms precisely. We use those terms consistently. We work with inventors to provide alternative implementations and embodiments of their inventions. And we almost always pursue narrow claims first, to protect actual products being developed and to minimize Examiner rejections. Later in prosecution, we expand the scope of the claims to build a strong and broad patent portfolio.

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