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You can expect us to bring ideas to the table for your benefit in your business’s transactions. We have handled many thousands of business transactions and contracts, and are familiar with the business as well as the legal standards for closing well-negotiated deals.

If you seek stable business relationships and successful results, we can help by working with you to assure that your strategies will be given effect through thoughtful contract negotiation and drafting. We can assist you in cooperatively addressing and resolving your key business relationship issues up front.

Our business transactions and contracts practice offerings include:

  • M&A transactions, including stock sales, asset sales, mergers, divestments & business unit acquisitions;
  • Preparation and negotiation of LLC operating agreements & corporate shareholder agreements;
  • Employment agreements;
  • Pledge and security agreements and other agreements under the UCC;
  • Joint Ventures, including those for government contractors;
  • Contract relationship analysis and counseling, and contract negotiation and drafting;
  • Nondisclosure agreements and confidentiality agreements;
  • Consulting agreements;
  • Personal property sales and purchase agreements;
  • Financing arrangements, promissory notes, liens, guaranty agreements, contribution agreements, subordination agreements, and indemnification arrangements;
  • Negotiation and settlement of contract disputes, including those among owners.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve. If you have questions about our business transactions services and experience, or our philosophy of client relationships, please do not hesitate to call us.

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    Chair, Transactional Law Practices
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