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Protorae Law

We aspire to achieve a law firm’s highest calling:  to be our clients’ trusted advisor in navigating today’s business legal environment.  We have designed Protorae Law around the needs of businesses and business men and women. To serve those needs, we formed the following practice teams: Corporate Law, Business Transactions, Tax Law, Employment Law, Government Contracts, Intellectual PropertyReal Estate and Land Use, Architecture, Engineering & Construction Law, and Trusts and Estates. For handling dispute resolution, we created our Business LitigationUnfair Business Practices, and Business Breakups practice teams.

To realize our firm’s objectives, we embrace the basic principle that more can be accomplished through teamwork than by a collection of individuals. Thus, our team approach focuses on two levels of relationships. First, we cultivate a collaborative effort among our attorneys and staff.  Many of our lawyers have known or worked with one another for years, and we chose to practice together because of our collective team-first attitudes.

The second level of teamwork is ensuring that we are working with our clients. This means understanding the client’s strategic objectives, and risk and expense tolerance; and then working with the client to identify which tactics to employ. It also allows us to align the strategy for each legal matter with the client’s overarching goals, and provide the client with strategies to minimize the client’s future risks.

Our lawyers also understand the importance of controlling legal costs. For new matters, we consider and discuss with our clients which fee structure would be most appropriate. In addition, as a matter progresses, our firm monitors the amount of our legal bills, and will regularly discuss with our clients the expected costs of a given course of action. Our fee structures discussion can be found here.

Finally, we are willing to invest in the technology and infrastructure required to provide effective coordination with our clients.

In short, we have tried to design a law firm around the needs of businesses and business men and women. If you have any questions about our firm’s team approach, our services in general or a specific legal matter, we welcome the chance to speak with you.