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  1. Supreme Court Limits Employer Liability for Supervisor Actions

    Since 1998, it has been held that an employer is liable for workplace harassment by an employee who is a supervisor.  However, the question that remained unclear until now was who exactly qualifies as a “supervisor?”

    In a recent decision, …

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  2. Former Employee Didn’t Show “Substantial Impairment” for Insufficient Sleep Disability, and Her Retaliation Claim was Defeated by the Former Employer’s Legitimate Reason for Termination

    In a recent Fourth Circuit case, the court decided against a former employee because the employer provided a legitimate reason for firing the employee, and the employer’s actions and statements regarding the reasons for firing her remained consistent.

    Victoria Anderson …

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  3. What Employers Should Know About Criminal Background Checks

    With increasing frequency, employers are using criminal background checks as one tool in screening potential candidates for employment. Employers should understand, however, that the use of such background checks come with some complexity relating to Title VII racial discrimination prohibitions.…

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  4. Key Pending and Proposed Regulatory Actions Affecting Small Businesses

    Pending Small Business Regulatory Actions:

    Acquisition Process:  Task and Delivery Order Contracts, Bundling, Consolidation, 77 Fed. Reg. 29130 (May 16, 2012) (Proposed Rule).

    • Authorizes set-asides of orders issued under Multiple Award Contracts including those on the GSA Schedule; discusses process

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