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On March 16, 2011, SBA posted for public comment proposed changes to the size standards for Sector 54, Professional, Technical and Scientific Services.  SBA received nearly 1,500 comments on the proposed rule, the majority of which addressed the proposed increase in the size standards applicable to NAICS 541310, Architectural Services and NAICS 541320, Landscape Architectural Services.

The only changes in these standards were increases; SBA did not lower any size standards.  SBA, however, did not increase all size standards for Sector 54.  Here is what happened to the most popular size standards:

541330, Engineering Services        4.5 million     to   14 million

541511 through  541519,  Computer Services           stayed at 25 million

541611 through 541690, Management/Consulting Services     7 million  to   14 million

541990, All Other Professional, Scientific and Technical Services   7 million   to 14 million
The final rule is effective March 12, 2012.

Contact me if you would like a copy of the final rule (which addresses the comments filed).