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On Wednesday, February 12, 2014 Devon Hewitt along with Rich Wilkinson from Watkins Meegan will present on the topic of teaming arrangements. Teaming arrangements, including joint ventures, have always been an important tool for government contractors. In the current GovCon environment, they have become critically important for both small businesses and their large business partners. The presentation will be a refresher on the basics of these relationships and the documents that hold them together.

Discussion will include:
• What constitutes a teaming agreement and a joint venture
• What makes them different and how they are alike
• How the government and the courts view them
• The advantages and disadvantages of both arrangements and how to manage the issues
• “Populated” and “Unpopulated” JVs and the issues of each
• Affiliation issues and limits on joint venture awards
• Special advantages of mentor-protégé joint ventures and limits on mentor performance
• Cost accounting and compliance issues for joint ventures and prime/sub arrangements

For more information and to register, CLICK HERE.