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Your reputation with your customers is critical to the success of your company, but issues like false or misleading claims in advertising and unauthentic interactions through social media can undermine the hard work you have put into building your brand. Protecting the goodwill you’ve established helps you to derive the most value out of your brand.

The laws around what you are allowed to do when promoting your brand, whether it’s making “green” claims, claims about where something is manufactured (such as “Made in America”), or even the ingredients and materials in your products are incredibly complex and missteps can come with significant penalties. Using influencers to help promote your brand requires an additional level of understanding of disclosure requirements and truthfulness in advertising that can be hard to balance with your desire to have authentic engagement with customers. Protorae Law’s Intellectual Property and Technology Law attorneys have experience reviewing advertising claims, product packaging, and social media programs and policies to help you obtain a high return on your investment in your brand.

We work with you to closely understand your business and your products, as well as your risk tolerance. Through this collaboration, we can anticipate and avoid legal issues before they undermine your investment in promoting your brand and divert significant resources from a client’s core business needs.

Our brand management philosophy is backed up by years of experience. We come from large, national law firms where we delivered imaginative legal solutions to companies of all sizes across the globe. Our attorneys also had careers as brand consultants and in-house counsel for large product-oriented companies and fashion companies and have guided them and numerous other companies from start-ups to Fortune 100s as they’ve established social media programs and developed creative advertising campaigns with presences across the internet and on the streets of the major cities of the world.

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