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Member Antigone Peyton to speak at the September 18th, Women Data Scientists’ ‘Talk About Blockchain!” discussion and networking event hosted at Two Six Labs.

This forum will discuss — Why Blockchain?

  • Blockchains are opening massive new realms for data scientists: making accessible massive amounts of data for real-time analytics that were not previously available or transparent- e.g. in some public blockchains all records and transactions are transparent in real time!
  • Full value add of the blockchain and associated technology such as “smart contracts” will only reach their full utility with advanced data science and analytics
  • Data scientists, and those with developer capabilities have highly valued skills that are needed in the rapidly developing blockchain ecosystem
  • Companies are unable to find people with these skills in what is a lucrative space (one article the other week revealed that for a certain blockchain ethereum “there are no good ethereum developers who aren’t already millionaires”)
  • There are hundreds of start-ups developing in this space
  • Overall market cap of the sector has gone from $20B in March to $160B in September, this could grow to $1T+ space
  • Major companies are being built right now from scratch
  • There has been an low participation/representation by women, but there’s still time for even new entrants to get in as key leaders in building this space
  • Opportunity to transform major industries at intersections of blockchain big data and IOT. Blockchain will transform diverse sectors including: finance, energy, health/pharma, agriculture, food/chemicals, transportation, autonomous systems, sharing economy, artificial intelligence, robotics etc.
  • Women data scientists have the skills to become the top entrepreneurs, create tremendous change, capture and create incredible wealth, generate the top ideas and more in this blockchain space if they get engaged. Awareness could also have them join as early hires of expanding companies, gain leadership positions of larger corporations trying to move into this space, or at minimum understand one of the areas of change that will be touching upon data science.


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Monday, September 18, 2017


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Two Six Labs
4350 Fairfax Drive
Arlington, VA 22203

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