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Join Protorae Law’s Antitrust attorney, John Monica, Jr., for a webinar, “The Current Antitrust Spotlight on Agriculture: What You Need to Know”, on Thursday August 6th hosted by the American Agriculture Law Association (AALA).

Over the last decade, many agricultural sectors have been the subject of civil antitrust law suits, including eggs, potatoes, mushrooms, beef, pork, chicken, tuna, and turkey. Perceived spreads between consumer prices and the amount paid to growers by processors and packers for supply have also triggered greater regulatory scrutiny. Recently, the Department of Justice has ramped up its criminal investigation into the agricultural industry. In December 2019, an executive in the Tuna sector was convicted of conspiring to fix the price of canned tuna.  Last month, he was sentenced to 40 months in prison and was required to pay a $100,000 criminal fine.  Also in June 2020, the Department of Justice secured a criminal indictment against four executives of two broiler integrators that are defendants in the civil broilers litigation.  That criminal case is set to go to trial on February 16, 2021. At the same time, Congress is considering legislation requiring meatpackers to obtain at least half of their supply through negotiated trades or bids with quick delivery times in an effort to support prices paid to ranchers.

This webinar will provide a brief overview of ongoing civil and criminal antitrust cases; pending supply-related legislation; the potential penalties companies and individuals face when they violate antitrust laws; the status of the most interesting cases; and what these cases might mean for legal practitioners, farmers, and consumers.

Additional speakers include:
Gary Smith, Hausfeld; and Julia Chapman, Dechert, LLP.


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Thursday, August 6, 2020


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